Volume 56, pp. 102-116, 2022.

A non-intrusive method to inferring linear port-Hamiltonian realizations using time-domain data

Karim Cherifi, Pawan Goyal, and Peter Benner


Port-Hamiltonian systems have gained a lot of attention in recent years due to their inherent valuable properties in modeling and control. In this paper, we are interested in constructing linear port-Hamiltonian systems from time-domain input-output data. We discuss a non-intrusive methodology that is comprised of two main ingredients–(a) inferring frequency response data from time-domain data and (b) constructing an underlying port-Hamiltonian realization using the inferred frequency response data. We illustrate the proposed methodology by means of two numerical examples and also compare it with two other system identification methods to infer the frequency response from the input-output data.

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Key words

System identification, port-Hamiltonian systems, Loewner approach, transfer function, input-output data

AMS subject classifications

93A30, 93B30, 93B15, 93B20

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