Volume 55, pp. 1-75, 2022.

A survey on variational characterizations for nonlinear eigenvalue problems

Jörg Lampe and Heinrich Voss


Variational principles are very powerful tools when studying self-adjoint linear operators on a Hilbert space $\mathcal H$. Bounds for eigenvalues, comparison theorems, interlacing results, and monotonicity of eigenvalues can be proved easily with these characterizations, to name just a few. In this paper we consider generalizations of these principles to families of linear, self-adjoint operators depending continuously on a scalar in a real interval.

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Key words

nonlinear eigenvalue problem, variational characterization, iterative projection methods, AMLS, quantum dots, viscoelastic damping, total least-squares problems, fluid-solid interaction

AMS subject classifications

35P30, 47A52, 47A75, 47J10, 65F15, 65F17

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