Volume 2, pp. 92-103, 1994.

Modified Specht's plate bending element and its convergence analysis

T. M. Shih and Junbin Gao


This paper discusses Specht's plate bending element, shows the relationships between $\int_{F_{\rho}}w\,ds$ or $\int_{F_{\rho}}\frac{\partial w} {\partial n}\,ds$ and the nodal parameters (or degrees of freedom), further it sheds lights on the construction methods for that element, and finally it introduces a new plate bending element with good convergent properties (which passes the F-E-M-Test (cf.[11])) is derived.

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Key words

interpolation, nonconforming finite element, Specht's element.

AMS subject classifications

41A05, 65D05, 65N30.

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